Roosevelt’s Retreat

Hotel Colorado is one of the greatest destinations for History Buffs. Our most famous guest, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, visited on multiple occasions, even making the hotel his “Little White House of America” during one of his longer hunting trips. In honor of him and the part he played in Hotel Colorado’s history, a suite has been dedicated to him. More specifically, the suite in which he gave his famous speech to the citizens of Glenwood Springs from the balcony. This package lets you relish in the history that is President Roosevelt by staying in the same room he once frequented, reading all about the historic Hotel Colorado in “Fountains of Enchantment”, and receiving one of our iconic Teddy Bears, fashioned after Roosevelt himself, complete with a custom vest and wire-rimmed glasses. Afterall, a local Glenwood Springs legend maintains it was on one such hunting trip at Hotel Colorado that the teddy bear was invented after being inspired by Roosevelt. 

Package Includes:

  • Hotel Colorado “Fountains of Enchantment” History Book
  • Roosevelt Teddy Bear fashioned with custom embroidered vest & wire-rimmed glasses 
  • A stay in the infamous Roosevelt Suite
    • Package is only able to be booked in the Roosevelt Suite