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5 Fun Adventures to Try in Glenwood Springs, CO

1. Go Vertical: Climbing
Glenwood Springs and the surrounding area is a climber’s paradise, offering a range of rock formations suitable for all skill levels. In Glenwood Canyon, just minutes from Hotel Colorado lies the Puoux, a limestone crag offering solid climbing opportunities year-round, perfect for novices and veterans alike. For a challenge, head to Rifle Mountain Park, renowned for having some of the best sport climbing routes in North America. No gear or experience? Fear not. You’ll be scaling new heights in no time with the help of local experts who can provide lessons and guided experiences.

2. Cast Away: Fishing the Fork
For those seeking a more relaxed outdoor experience, take in the scenery while floating the Roaring Fork River on a guided fishing excursion. The crystal-clear waters of the “Fork,” are teeming with trout. Get on board with guides who know what and where the fish are biting. All you have to do is cast, set, and reel in a trophy-sized lunker. Later, regale your adventures with friends over drinks at the Hotel Colorado. Angling is one of Glenwood’s most sought-after pastimes; not only will you feel the pull of hooking a gorgeous trout, but you’ll also float past some of the valley’s most stunning scenery.

3. Fly Like a Bird: Tandem Paragliding
When it comes to heart-thumping thrills, nothing compares to the exhilaration of flight. Riding tandem with an experienced paragliding pilot, you’ll lift off from the summit of Red Mountain to soar high above Glenwood Springs. Savor the adrenaline rush as you rise on the summer thermals and glide effortlessly through the sky, feeling an unbridled sense of freedom. Tandem paragliding is an adventure you won’t forget anytime soon and a perfect way to add a touch of excitement to your stay at Hotel Colorado.

4. Electric-Assist: Cycling Made Easy
Glenwood Springs is where the rubber meets the road on paved cycling trails that go for miles! As a mountain town, you can expect to encounter a few inclines while pedaling along the Colorado River through Glenwood Canyon or on the Rio Grande Trail that parallels the Roaring Fork River and terminates in Aspen. If the scenery tempts you, but not sure you have the stamina to go the distance, electric-powered bicycles are the easy answer. Rent an electric-assist bike from one of the local outfitters and set off to explore Glenwood’s stunning landscapes. With a super-charged bike, you can cover more ground, experience the beauty of the outdoors, and make it back to Hotel Colorado for a delicious meal all without breaking a sweat.

5. Two Games in One: Disc Golf
For an outdoor experience that combines two favorite summertime activities—frisbee and golf—why not play a round of disc golf? Just as in the game it’s patterned after, there are 18 “holes” or baskets. Players are shooting to complete each one with the fewest number of “strokes” or throws. Similar to golf, the game is maddeningly frustrating and insanely rewarding. Glenwood Springs is home to two disc golf courses; one at Sunlight Mountain Resort and the other at Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley campus.

From casting your line into trout-filled waters to soaring high above the landscape, there’s no shortage of excitement when your adventure begins at Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. Make your reservations today!

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