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Planning Your Weekday Wedding at Hotel Colorado

When it comes to wedding planning, there are many decisions to make—from choosing the perfect venue to finalizing the guest list. One decision that’s often overlooked but holds immense potential is selecting the right day of the week for your celebration.

Why Choose a Weekday Wedding?

While weekends might seem like the obvious choice, couples are discovering the perks of hosting a weekday wedding. According to Hotel Colorado wedding planner, Alta Otto, couples are seeking alternatives to weekend weddings, “Some are choosing dates that are significant to them like 5-20-2025, a Tuesday and a numerical date that’s same both forwards and backwards,” she said. “Others, want to get married at a location in the Roaring Fork Valley like Maroon Bells that only allows weddings on Tuesdays or Thursdays.” In fact, Hotel Colorado has three wedding receptions booked this summer for couples getting hitched with the iconic Bells as the backdrop.

More Reasons to Say “I Do” to a Weekday Wedding

Exclusive Venue AvailabilityWeekday weddings offer the opportunity to secure your dream venue with greater ease. At Hotel Colorado, you can enjoy exclusive access to stunning event spaces and less competition with other couples for dates. “The versatility of our spaces has it all—ceremony venue, reception ballrooms, and hotel rooms all in one location,” said Otto.

Cost Savings. Planning a wedding can quickly add up, but opting for a weekday celebration can help you stay within budget without sacrificing quality. “A weekday wedding can be great for couples who want to have a more low-key celebration and room rates are also less expensive,” Otto added.

Having your wedding on a Thursday instead of a Saturday can be a boost to your budget, allowing you to allocate your funds towards other elements such as decor, entertainment, or the honeymoon. Plus, you may find that local florists, photographers, and other wedding vendors are more flexible with their pricing and availability during the week, further maximizing your savings.

Extended Celebrations. Why limit your wedding festivities to just one day? By choosing a weekday wedding, you can extend the celebration into a memorable weekend getaway for you and your guests. Glenwood Springs offers a plethora of activities to enjoy, from exploring the nearby hot to indulging in delicious cuisine and local attractions.

Weekday Wedding Pitfalls to Consider

While weekday weddings are gaining ground, they are not without a few drawbacks. “It can be more difficult for guests to take time off from work to travel to a weekday wedding,” Otto explained. “My best piece of advice for anyone planning a weekday wedding is to make sure to send out your invites early, giving guests plenty of notice to arrange their schedules and make travel plans.”

She also suggests couples opt to hold ceremonies later in the day or evening to give guests more time to arrive at the venue. “As with everything, communication is key. When planning your wedding, make sure you clearly define your vision, budget, and expectations from the beginning. And, most importantly, don’t lose sight of the reason you’re planning a wedding in the first place!”

With good planning and communication, your wedding will be a day to remember. Otto emphasizes working with a knowledgeable team to ensure your wedding is a dream come true. “We have an exceptional team with an experienced event planner to assist in all aspects of wedding planning from catering to décor. Our goal is to make sure you have a seamless and stress-free wedding day.”

Learn more and start planning your wedding at Hotel Colorado today!

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