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Soak Away Worries at Glenwood’s Hot Spring Pool

Worries come in all sizes—from small nuisances to overwhelming anxieties. While soaking in the hot springs won’t remedy every concern, it can provide a much-needed mental and physical respite. Time devoted to relaxing in the mineral springs can help clear the head, reduce stress and recalibrate the mind-body balance throughout the holiday season and beyond.  

Soaking in Hot Springs Has Tangible Benefits

  • Pain Relief. In addition to the soothing heat that alleviates aches and pains, the mineral waters at Glenwood Hot Springs are chock-full of health-boosting dissolved minerals that immediately go to work on the body. Many people report that soaking, even for a short period of time, helps minimize chronic pain. 
  • Reduced Stress. Immersion in hot springs can automatically relieve stress. The heat teases out tension while Glenwood Hot Springs Pool’s beautiful outdoor setting helps visitors make the most of the healing power of nature.
  • Skin Wellness. Colorado’s dry climate is extremely hard on skin. Many who live in the state experience a variety of skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and dry scalp. The micro-minerals in the water offer a natural tonic that reduces itchiness, redness and other skin conditions in many cases.
  • Heart Heath. There are some surprising and newly discovered health benefits to hot springs soaking. In a small study, Japanese researchers found that soaking helps reduce blood pressure and improve cardiac function in patients diagnosed with heart failure.
  • Burns Calories. Anyone worried about gaining a few holiday pounds can breathe easier. A fun fact of soaking is that as the body’s temperature rises, so does its ability to burn calories more efficiently! Plus, you can swim laps at the pool if you choose.

Hotel & Hot Springs: A Healing Relationship

Prior to the 1950s, Glenwood Hot Springs Pool was a part of the Hotel Colorado property. Visitors would come to stay in the upscale accommodations, as well as to practice balneology in the world’s largest hot springs pool. Balneology is a branch of medical science that focuses on the healing potential of water including bathing in warm springs. While the hotel and the hot springs pool are separate entities now, Hotel Colorado and Glenwood Hot Springs continue to work together through a partnership that enables visitors to enjoy the best of both. 

Hotel Colorado features three packages that include Glenwood Hot Springs Pool: 

  • Splash & Crash enables hotel guests to enjoy the pool all day long; 
  • Weekday Getaway package makes the most of value-priced weekday stays; and
  • Ski Swim Stay features hot springs soaking, lift tickets to Sunlight Mountain Resort and free skiing for children 12 and younger with a paying adult.

Whatever may be stressing you out, give yourself the space and time to unwind at Hotel Colorado and Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. Learn more and make your reservations to relax today!

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