5 Ways to Enjoy the Suite Life at Hotel Colorado

Devereux Suite

Stay in unforgettable accommodations at historic Hotel Colorado. Five signature suites—Devereux, Molly Brown, Roosevelt, Bell Tower and Executive—offer guests a handful of options to experience comfort and convenience in a welcoming atmosphere that blends the best of both the past and the present.  

Hotel Colorado Signature Suites Make Your Stay Extra Special 

  1. Devereux Suite. A founding father of Glenwood Springs and the man who brought the Hotel Colorado into existence, Walter Devereux was a powerhouse entrepreneur whose impact is still felt to this day. This spacious, three-bedroom suite named in his honor is the perfect setup for generational groups or family reunions. Located on the ground floor with no stairs required for access, it is particularly suited to mobility challenged guests. For added convenience and privacy, each of the three bedrooms has an adjoining bathroom. Other attributes include lofty ceilings throughout, a large, beautifully furnished living room for socializing and a dining room where groups can enjoy eating take-out meals together. There’s also a kitchenette for light meal prep. 
  2. Molly Brown Suite. Titanic survivor, the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown was elevated to high society when her husband struck it rich in the Leadville mining boom. Molly fought for the rights of the underserved throughout her life. It was on her urging that her lifeboat returned to the scene of the sinking ship to look for survivors. The Molly Brown Suite is one of Hotel Colorado’s most romantic and a favorite with couples for celebrating—elopements, honeymoons and anniversaries. The rooms are filled with Molly Brown memorabilia donated by her family. Special features include two private balconies and a Jacuzzi bathtub.
  3. Roosevelt Suite. Stately is the word that comes to mind when entering this suite named for the 26th President of the United States. The living room opens onto a private balcony overlooking the Hotel Colorado courtyard. It was here that President Roosevelt once addressed the adoring crowds of Glenwood Springs. Because this room is so popular with history buffs, in addition to accommodations, our Roosevelt Retreat Package includes a plush “Teddy” bear in the likeness of the president complete with wire-rimmed glasses, as well as the hardcover book Fountains of Enchantment which details the history of the Hotel Colorado including visits by Mr. Roosevelt.  
  4. Bell Tower Suite.  Another romantic option for couples, this ultra-private, spacious suite is located in one of the hotel’s iconic bell towers with access via a spiral staircase! The suite’s two balconies open to stunning views of Glenwood Springs and the surrounding mountains. The bathroom features a Jacuzzi tub, ideal for unwinding after a day of activities.
  5. Executive Suite. Combine business and leisure pursuits in this suite that includes all the accouterments for a success-oriented stay. A large living room area is ideal for client meetings, while a spacious desk is conducive to getting work done. There’s also an optional adjoining bedroom for family members who may be sharing in your business (ad)venture. For those looking to stay for an extended time, the suite’s full kitchen adds a convenient touch.

Live the suite life on your next vacation to Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. Book Hotel Colorado signature suites, as well as other suites and guest rooms today!