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Get Ready for Rafting Season with Hotel Colorado

Welcome the thrill of rafting adventures in Glenwood Springs, where the rush of the rapids meets the hospitality of Hotel Colorado!

Hotel Colorado is your base camp for rafting adventures. Glenwood Springs is a town with not one, but two rivers, and the historic hotel is perfectly situated between both! The Roaring Fork River runs from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and is a great choice for early-season rafting. Home to the famous Shoshone Rapids, the Colorado River which barrels through Glenwood Canyon is a favorite for those who prefer a little more bounce in their whitewater experience. Paddles up! The fun starts now.

Ripple Effect

As alpine snow melts and fills the region’s waterways, the Roaring Fork River comes to life with an energy that beckons adventurers to its frothy waters. Spring is the ideal time to float “The Fork.” Even during spring runoff season, the Roaring Fork is perfect for an entry-level whitewater outing. It features Class I-III rapids, suitable for families with young children, first-time rafters, and those who want more relaxation than ruckus on their float trip.

The more mellow ride also means you have time to focus on the stunning scenery as it glides by. Highlights include spectacular views of snowcapped Mt. Sopris which dominates the scene near Carbondale. As you pass through the posh grounds of the Aspen Glen subdivision, look for bald eagles that make their nests along the riverway. As you approach the confluence of the two rivers, be prepared to experience tingly toes as the warmer Roaring Fork meets the colder Colorado. Don’t worry though, you’ll quickly acclimate to the temperature differential as you float the final leg of your rafting trip.

Colorado Commotion

For the ultimate excursion, head to Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado River. Here, amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the canyon, you’ll encounter some of the most exceptional whitewater rafting and scenery in the state.

Hang on tight, the thrills start right out of the gate! Get ready to be soaked as you paddle through Class III Shoshone Rapids that include churning hydraulics with names like Baptism, Tuttle’s Tumble, Tombstone, the Wall, and Maneater. Don’t let the names intimidate you, experienced guides lead the way to more serene waters beyond. These rapids are such a crowd-pleaser that most outfitters offer trips that allow rafters to ride them more than once on the same trip!

Keep in mind, that during springtime peak flows, the rating for Shoshone may be upgraded to Class IV which may trigger additional age restrictions for youngsters.

The scenery is hard to beat too. As your heart rate returns to normal, take a look around. Glenwood Canyon features stunning landscapes, wildlife, and, depending on the flows in-river hot springs for impromptu geothermal soaking.

Connect With Outfitters

Mild to wild, your Glenwood Springs rafting trip will be a summer highlight experience especially if you rely on expert local guides who know every rapid, hole, and hot spring on the waterways.

Post River Relaxation
After a day of excitement on the water, return to Hotel Colorado to relax and recharge! From fine dining to cheers with beers and musical entertainment to comfy accommodations, Hotel Colorado gives guests plenty of options for post-activity downtime.

Unwind with drinks and light bites at the Coppertop Bar, a lively outdoor spot for celebrating and socializing. Savor a delicious meal al fresco at Hotel Colorado Restaurant & Bar’s beautiful summer-season patio dining venue. Pull up a chair to listen to music by talented local artists every Friday and Saturday night. Finally, at the end of the evening, retreat to the privacy of your Hotel Colorado guest room for a well-earned night’s rest.

Hotel Colorado is more than just a place to stay—it’s your home base for local adventures. Get ready to experience the thrill of rafting in Glenwood Springs. Make your Hotel Colorado reservations today!

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